To Clients and Friends,

Let me briefly highlight the planned changes in my practice from my career as a cog in a Big Law multiplex to practicing and consulting on my own as a sole practitioner.

I am extremely pleased at the early results. Most importantly, discussions with incoming clients on financial matters have become mutually satisfactory; I am no longer subject to dollar by dollar oversight by the Big Law CFO who, quite understandably, needs to intervene whenever  firm revenues threaten to fall short of target numbers necessary, e.g., to keep the rent paid in the firm’s multiple offices. My fixed expenses are modest to the point I can start client conversations by asking the prospect what works from her, his or its standpoint.

Further, I can function as a Concierge Lawyer, a process involving team building for each assignment  requiring a legal team by helping recruit team members from candidates at various firms ….people I have come to know, for example, as particularly adept at describing  to investors  the tax issues emanating from the allocation and distribution sections of complex LLCs. I am exaggerating, but not by much, in alleging I have come to know those lawyers at every law firm in the US who can best go granular on a particular issue and/or transaction. Thus, for a new client recently brought to me by the client’s general counsel, I teed up an engagement letter with my suggested provisions governing the non financial matters …ethics; specific responsibilities  etc. but left the financial paragraphs …retainer; hourly charges; and the like blank. When I received the client’s draft with the numbers etc.  filled in, I signed it and sent it back for the client’s signature.

There are other elements of the relationship which I have developed over the years and which I am free to tender and which, however, require descriptions longer than are suitable for  this introductory paragraph. The appendices outline the subject matters which can become part of my responsibilities if the client so elects.

Finally, herewith follows my contact information and an invite to accept a free pass into the premium content of VCExperts in aid of  my suggested client homework assignments as the process begins …e.g. annotated model forms to be  read by the client so as to get itself up the learning curve before the meter is turned on. Respond, if you will, if interested in a free, temporary pass to the VCExperts premium content  and I will process the same.

Joseph W. Bartlett
Cell: 475-747-3273